Sci Fi Your Pi – Project Update #10

photo 2Project Update #10 already and only one week away from the challenge’s halfway point. Time to kick things in a higher gear. That’s why I’ve done something slightly more technical for this week’s update: I’ve created my own capacitive touch breakout board!

As you may have seen over the course of the project, I’ve been using the Touch Board as a capacitive touch input sensor for the Raspberry Pi. I used it because I had one and thought it was the perfect opportunity to use it, since I never had (like many other boards I own …). Unfortunately, for others trying to recreate (parts of) this project, it is an expensive investment at about €76 (post-kickstarter). That’s why I set on a quest to reduce the cost of that component and ended up succeeding with a cost reduction in the range of 95%!

I’ve used the Atmel AT42QT1070 touch sensor IC on a custom-made breakout board to convert up to five of the Pi’s GPIO pins into capacitive touch inputs. The cool thing about this little breakout board is that it could be used in combination with other SBCs or microcontroller boards! The board was designed in Eagle and produced via SeeedStudio for €10 including shipping, for 10 boards (I did receive 20 though …).

For more details and a demo, check out this post: Capacitive Touch with Atmel’s AT42QT1070 Touch Sensor IC



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