Low profile wifi on ODROID-W

I purchased a ODROID-W a while back, and finally decided to fire it up.

As the USB host port is optional, and the connector wasn’t provided, I couldn’t plug in my wifi dongle. Because of that, I decided to take the dongle apart and solder it to the board without the USB connector. The idea is that this would result in a low profile “onboard” wifi for this already little board (except for the USB host port which would normally be fitted vertically ).

photo 1 photo 1

I first soldered the tiny ribbon cable to the wifi module and then to the ODROID-W.

photo 2 photo 3

Finally, I put everything in place with a drop of hot glue. And this was the result: a low profile “onboard” wifi module on my ODROID-W.

photo 3

Whatever project I’ll end up using this ODROID-W for, wifi will already be taken care of …

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