1000 Youtube subscribers, Maker Faire Paris, upcoming project and giveaway


Ok, I’m trying something a little bit different for this post (and video). There’s some news I’d like to share so here we go …

1000 Youtube Subscribers

My Youtube channel recently reached 1000 subscribers. Wow! This may not seem like much, but I consider it a milestone!IMG_0738

Thank you to everyone that subscribed, I really appreciate this, as it motivates me to keep going and share my projects with you.

In order to improve my future videos, I would like to know the following things from you:

  • what do you like about the videos?
  • what don’t you like about them?
  • what type of content would you like to see in the future?

Let me know in the comments! 🙂

Maker Faire Paris

MFPEarlier this year, in January, I submitted an application to exhibit some of my projects at Maker Faire Paris. A couple of days ago, I received confirmation that my application was approved and that I will be getting my own stand!

Maker Faire Paris takes place the last weekend of April at the “Paris Expo Porte de Versailles – Foire de Paris”. If you plan on attending, be sure to come say hi!

You can check http://www.makerfaireparis.com for more information on the Maker Faire.


Upcoming Project

I’ve been working on a new Raspberry Pi project, this time using the model A+ in combination with the Skywriter HAT. Adding an IR LED transmitter and receiver, it allows me to control the TV using gestures. For example: swiping left and right changes the channel and swiping up and down changes the volume.

The project should be posted in the next couple of days, as I only need to finish the project enclosure.


To celebrate my 1000 Youtube subscribers which I feel are mainly due to my recent Raspberry Pi Zero projects, I plan to give away a Pi Zero including USB OTG cable and mini HDMI adapter.

Check this link to see how to have a chance at winning it! https://gleam.io/mJo2a/celebrating-1000-youtube-subscribers-giving-away-a-raspberry-pi-zero

Let me know in the comments: what would you make with it ??


2 thoughts on “1000 Youtube subscribers, Maker Faire Paris, upcoming project and giveaway”

  1. You rock, Frederick!
    Congrats on the 1,000 subscribers! I see you’re past 1200 already 🙂

    Another congrats on your Maker Faire acceptance!

    You asked:
    * what do you like about the videos?
    – You present things in a way that give enough guidance without being boring. Somehow they’re very calming too 😀
    Plus I like that you combine woodworking into many of the projects, as that’s something I can handle. I don’t have a 3d printer, which a lot of makers focus on these days.
    Also your projects have the right kind of scope – not too big (in time or size), not too dangerous, and at an affordable budget.

    * what type of content would you like to see in the future?
    More of the same 🙂 Heh that doesn’t help you much, does it?


    1. Haha, thanks Nico! 😀

      I’m still not at ease with the camera and talking, but I suppose doing it more will help. Trying to find my own style in the process 🙂
      As for the content, the Pi Zero videos seem to be most popular at the moment, but always looking for new things to try out and learn about.


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