IOT2020 Custom LCD Panel

The Siemens SIMATIC IOT2020 is an IoT gateway designed for industrial operation. It has network capabilities, can make use of Arduino shields and can run both Linux and Arduino code.

In order to add a local reporting element to the IOT2020, I modified an existing design to 3D print a custom panel capable of housing a 16×2 LCD display. Download link at the end of this post!


The original plate’s 3D model is available on the Siemens website and is free to download, but does require you to register for a free account first.

I imported the file into Fusion 360 and made following changes:

  • added two tabs on the left side’s exterior to connect with the case
  • made an opening for the LCD display
  • added four tabs on the inside to snap LCD in place and hold it there

3D printing the panel requires support. I oriented the front side of the panel to lay on the printing bed, requiring the least amount of support material.

Once printed, the support material needs to be removed using pliers, and a bit of sanding paper helps smooth the surfaces. The LCD display can then be fitted.

With the LCD snapped into place, the wiring connections to the IOT2020 main board can be made, and the panel inserted back in the unit.

I’ve uploaded my version of the model to Thingiverse. Enjoy!



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