4 thoughts on “Logo Light Box”

  1. Very nice! I actually did something very similar for work, but used the Particle Photon and 4 x 8 NeoPixel strips. Mine is an On Air sign that is controlled via Slack slash commands, so when I’m on a webinar with a client in the US, I can send a slash command in Slack – e.g. /sign blue – and then the On Air sign “breathes” on and off with a blue tint. I used a RIBA picture frame from IKEA and had some vinyl cut by a local company.

    One tip – I inlayed a square of mirrored Perspex to help reflect the light outwards, which works a treat! I have a video of it working on my website, and will be writing up the guide soon.

    1. Thanks Wesley!

      I’m not familiar with Slack, so I’ll have to check it out. Is it straightforward to use? An existing frame would’ve made things easier, but a trip to Ikea is something I tend to avoid :p
      I’ll go check out the video! Great tip for the perspex. The aluminium foil works, but could be better …

  2. Very nice.
    You can chase down some mirror vinyl that signwriters use to simulate chrome. It’s inexpensive and would work well as the reflective surface.

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