Connected Picture Frame

I’ve been working on a project for element14, which is a digital picture frame aimed at family members, such as grandparents.

The idea is that parents taking pictures of their children, can easily share those pictures with the children’s grandparents by making them appear on the picture frame automatically. In turn, the grandparents can “like” the pictures, letting the children’s parents know which pictures are their favourites.

By making use of a specific software platform called, multiple instances of this picture frame can be deployed for various family members, without hassle.

The picture frame offers following features:

  • simple user interface to navigate the pictures, start a slideshow or like a picture
  • periodically download pictures from a shared Dropbox folder
  • send push notifications whenever a picture is liked
  • turn the picture frame’s display off every evening, and back on every morning

Head over to element14 to check out the full project and find out how to make your own!

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