2014: a year at element14

My first (active) year at element14 just passed!

Event though I registered in January 2013, it wasn’t until I was selected for the Santa Catcher RoadTest Plus in December that year, that I started becoming a more active member of the community. I’ve mainly been focusing on the blogging part of things with projects for Road Tests or Design Challenges, with the occasional comments in discussions when I felt I could help out.


I worked on and blogged about many projects (perhaps too many) this year, here’s an overview:

IMG_4111 output_rsQ0oi

IMG_3468 IMG_3148

Some projects were more successful (execution-wise) than others, but overall, I enjoyed learning about the many components and technologies involved.
I plan to revisit some projects in 2015 in order to tackle some technical and practical issues, making them more viable “products”.

Awards & Nominations

2014 was also a year of nominations and awards.

In February and August, I was chosen as Member of the Month and in December I was nominated for both Member and Project of the Year.
The biggest moment this year was winning the Forget Me Not Design Challenge, culminating with a four day trip to electronica in Munich.


The past year’s achievements will be hard to match in 2015, but this doesn’t mean I won’t try to!

I’ll try to focus on fewer projects, take my time to think things through a little more and polish the end result some more as well.

With all the equipment/tools/devices I’ve accumulated thanks to element14, I’m in need of more workspace. That’s why the garage is in the process of being converted into a room where I can have everything at hand and properly organised. My own “man cave” so to speak.

But first, I’ll finish the ongoing In the Air Design Challenge and The Internet of Holiday Lights RoadTest Plus!

Happy New Year

Finally, I’d like to thank element14 for making all of this possible, but also the other community members for their feedback, help and knowledge shared. Thank you!

And since this is the 1st of January after all, I’d like to wish you all a very happy and productive 2015 full of learning, sharing, discovering, etc … !

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