In The Air – Week 13

In the past weeks, I experimented with the GP2Y10 dust sensor from Sharp. Using an Arduino all was well, but I was running into problems when using it with the CC3200. It’s not the only issue I encountered with the CC3200. There was also the fact that the I2C pins of the CC3200 and FuelTank did not match.

I’ve tried to tackle both issues with a custom BoosterPack (my first!).


To start, I searched for BoosterPack templates. I quickly came across the ones from TI: Build Your Own BoosterPack for TI LaunchPad

The BYOB kit from TI contains a variety of files for different tools: Eagle, Fritzing, … Very nicely done and easy to find!


Using Eagle, I created a schematic and board. Now, I don’t have much experience with Eagle. I did fiddle a bit with it during the Forget Me Not challenge, but never got to making an actual PCB. Fritzing seems to be more up my alley, but anyway … let’s proceed.

I loaded all the required parts in the schematic and started connecting all the dots. There are four parts to this schematic:

  • the opamp circuit as suggested by shabaz on the element14 forums
  • the circuit required to hook up the dust sensor
  • the launchpad headers
  • an optional I2C connection to overcome the mismatch between FuelTank and CC3200

This is the schematic:
Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 19.55.27

For the board, I laid out the components across the available space and let Eagle do the routing. This is the resulting board:
Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 19.55.14

Nothing spectacular, but I’ll be more than happy if I manage to get it soldered and working

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