Gizmo2 – 3D Printable Enclosure

To protect my brand new GIZMO 2 board from the pointy and metal objects (and the rest of the mess) scattered around my desk, I decided to design a simple 3D printable enclosure for it, which would still expose all interfaces. I’m no professional designer, so it’s more a functional enclosure rather than a fancy looking one

I took various measurements of the board, especially around the ports and started porting this to SketchUp.


This is what the first version of the design looks like:

bottom top

As I said, the focus is more on the functional side of things. The enclosure has following “features”:

  • access to microSD card
  • 1cm standoffs, allowing room for mSATA/mini PCIe device
  • opening for high and low speed card edge connectors
  • opening for all ports: power, hdmi, USB3, audio, USB2 & ethernet
  • removable lid with an opening for the fan

I’ve attached the SketchUp files to this post in case anyone wants to build further from this. After printing, I’ll check which adjustments need to be made and


Having finalised a first version of the model, I tried to print it. The heated bed on my Printrbot was barely large enough, but it fit.

I enabled support material when slicing the model because of the many openings. After printing, I was able to easily remove it using small pliers.
There was a little lifting during printing, so the enclosure isn’t totally straight, but it’s still functional.

Here it is, in all its glory:

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3
Power, USB and Ethernet access is OK. HDMI and audio are a bit off. I’ll have to work on that for the next iteration.

Hope you like it! Feel free to provide feedback on the enclosure or make your own based on the files attached.

Sketchup files: Gizmo2

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