Gizmo2 – Adding external PWR and RST buttons

In my previous post, I designed and 3D printed an enclosure for the Gizmo2. Unfortunately, this blocks access to the onboard power and reset buttons. So I searched for a way to have some external buttons which I could eventually mount to the enclosure.


The process to find where I could connect my buttons to was rather simple actually. Using my multimeter, I searched for connections between the buttons and the JTAG debug port. I quickly found following mapping:

photo (3) DSCN3195
Using jumper wires, I made the connections with buttons on a breadboard and tested the setup. Both buttons work as expected.

UPDATE: the two colored pins on the top row are actually connected, so they could be replaced by a single, common connection.


Here’s a short video demonstrating the buttons functioning as expected:

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