In The Air – Week 14

This post is more of a small update, as I didn’t find enough time to dive deep into this project this week.


I have ordered various parts for the project over the weeks. I’m still missing some key components to populate the PCB from last week, I hope they show up before the PCB does.

The capacitor kits from Würth, which I ordered before Christmas have arrived this week. They look great! Big thanks to Simon Leuz for arranging that.



We were given a 50EUR budget to get our PCBs made via Würth. Quoting my little board for the sensor, the total cost would’ve been around 75-80EUR for one board. Taking into account the 50EUR reduction, that would still have been 25-30EUR.

I don’t have a problem paying things for the challenge myself, as we already get so much. But I do think that the quality Würth would’ve delivered for that price would have been overkill. The PCB will mainly be used to practice surface mount soldering and create a first prototype.

So instead, I opted for SeeedStudio. For 12EUR, I’ll be getting 10 pieces of my PCB design. This will give me the chance to practice and possibly mess up a few boards without much consequence. If the design proves to be correct and functional, and after becoming a bit more skilled at surface mount soldering, I still might order a “final” board via Würth.

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 20.38.05

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