Sci Fi Your Pi – Project Update #1

It’s been only three days since the announcement of the finalists for the Sci Fi Your Pi Design Challenge and I already received most of the kit! On Tuesday I received a notification for a package from Farnell being sent my way, and on Wednesday it arrived. That’s some quick despatching!

This package already contains many of the components we are receiving for this challenge:

  • Raspberry Pi 2 Model Bphoto
  • Raspberry Pi Model B+
  • PiFace Control and Display 2
  • PiFace Digital 2
  • Raspberry Pi Camera Module
  • Xtrinsic Sensor Board
  • MicroStack GPS
  • MicroStack Accelerometer
  • WiPi dongle
  • BitScope Micro Oscilloscope
  • GertBot
  • ChipKit Pi

Items which were not received yet based on Sci Fi Your Pi Design Challenge – Kit List, are:

  • Raspberry Pi Model A+
  • Cirrus Logic Audio Card
  • MicroStack Base Board
  • Shim RTC

Nothing blocking, as there is already plenty to get started with. I’ll be spending time exploring some of the parts this weekend, so I should have more content to share with you early next week!

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