Sci Fi Your Pi – Project Update #2

As you may start noticing, I’m trying a new blogging format for this challenge. The idea is to produce content that can stand on its own, even though created as part of this challenge, but tied together and referenced using project updates such as this one. That way, people interested in the project have access to all the relevant content and others only interested in a specific guide/review are not bothered by content not relevant to them.

I’m thinking there will be three types of posts:photo (1)

  • guides, in which a certain topic is covered and explained in a generic way
  • reviews, in which thoughts and feedback are shared about a certain product used in this challenge
  • project updates, in which the project specific progress is explained and/or demonstrated

Let me know what you think of this approach!

Back on topic …

I’ve managed to spend some time on my project this weekend, and have set up the Raspberry Pi 2 with wifi and camera for use as a desktop computer.
There is one thing I’m curious about though. The Pi 2 contained in the kit was a NOOBS Edition, meaning it contained a preloaded SD card. Having used NOOBS before, I was expecting to see an OS selection menu upon first boot, but that wasn’t the case. Instead, it seems Raspbian was pre-installed. Was this the same for you as well ?

The guide on setting up the Raspberry Pi 2, configuring wifi, updating the software and installing the camera can be found here: Setting up the Raspberry Pi 2 (including wifi and camera)

I’m off to experiment with the Touch Board, which I plan to use for capacitive touch input on the Raspberry Pi.

Until next update!

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