Sci Fi Your Pi – Project Update #4

Had some fun with stepper motors today! I’ve been setting up the Gertbot and building a first prototype for the screen lift mechanism.

The Gertbot is really easy to use, it was up and running in a matter of minutes. To know how, check out this post: Controlling stepper motors with Gertbot and Python on the Raspberry Pi

The first prototype of the screen lift makes use of two stepper motors and threaded rods, as described in my application. The end result will be different in the sense that the mechanism should be completely hidden and only the screen should come out. The current prototype has threaded rods all the way to the top side of the screen, which should not be the case in the final mechanism. mcb1 suggested using a car window mechanism (thanks Mark!). I’ll be running that track in parallel, figuring out where to get the parts first.

Another thing is that the current prototype is rather slow, requiring about 20 seconds to bring the screen up. An idea to increase the speed without having to change the electronics is to use threaded rods with a bigger pitch. The rods I’m using now have a 1mm pitch. I suppose that using rods with let’s say a 1.5mm pitch, would reduce the lift time by a third. Does that sound right ?

In case you haven’t checked out the other post, here’s the lift prototype as it is now:

Until next update!

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