Pi Zero Case One-Minute Mod

This post covers a very quick project, which takes about one minute to complete, and is inspired by The PiHut’s ZeroView.

You’ll need:

  • a Raspberry Pi Zero or Pi Zero W
  • the official Raspberry Pi Zero Case
  • the official Raspberry Pi Camera
  • a hobby knife
  •  two small suction cups

Mark two points on the case’s camera lid to push the suction cups through. Pay attention to provide enough clearance to not bump into the camera module.

Using a hobby knife, carve out the two holes in a rotating motion. Alternatively, you could use a drill for this. Make sure the holes are not too large, the suction cups need to remain attached to the lid.

Push the suction cups into the holes, install the camera module and put the lid back on the case. The case can now be attached to windows.

Have fun!

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