3D Printed Mood Indicator

A very simple 3D printing project I made for a friend: a mood indicator.

The idea is to use emoji discs to help a child express his or her current mood. Depending on the mood, the discs can be swapped out for others.


I found a set of simple yet very clear emoji on thingiverse by user acwangph. After resizing them to the desired dimensions of 50x50x4 mm, I printed them in yellow ABS on my Robox 3D Printer.

A bit of sanding ensured a smooth result, ending up with a set of seven emoji I picked from the entire set.


To hold the spare discs and display the current mood, I designed a custom base in Fusion 360. The idea was to have a small slot at the front of the base to hold a disc vertically, and be able to stack the spare discs in the back.

This is what the base ended up looking like:

I have uploaded the base to thingiverse in case anyone would like to recreate this project.

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