About me

I’m Frederick, Software Test and Integration Engineer by day, electronics hobbyist by night.

When I finished my studies in 2007, I didn’t really know what it was that I wanted to do. I figured that by working as a Software Test Engineer, I’d come in contact with different technologies and technical domains, which would also provide enough variety to remain interesting. I managed to get a job close to home, at Newtec, and have been working there since.

The projects I work on involve multimedia exchange services over satellite, where I get to work on interesting subjects such as VoIP, video coding, satellite transmissions and many more.

As for my hobby, I discovered Arduino and the Raspberry Pi in early 2012. By the summer of that year, I managed to get my hands on an Arduino starter kit and a Raspberry Pi. What followed was a lot fiddling about and experimenting with both, gradually learning about electronics/prototyping/soldering/etc …

In December 2013, my submission for one of element14’s Roadtest Challenges (the Pi NoIR and Catch Santa Challenge) was selected. I blogged about my project, tried to involve my young daughter as well, and we eventually won that challenge.
That was a great confidence boost for me and a confirmation I was on the right track. It was also a turning point for my hobby, as I moved from fiddling about to working on actual projects.

I have since then been participating in other challenges, creating new projects and blogging about it all on this website and on the element14 community. In October 2014, I won my biggest challenge yet: element14’s “Forget Me Not” Design Challenge.

Some day, I hope to turn my hobby into a full time occupation.


Product Launch

August 29, 2017

Launched my first product in collaboration with Pi Supply: the GPIO Button Adapter!


In Business

May 9, 2017

Started my own business as a freelance maker and blogger!

The MagPi #50

September 29, 2016

Project “PiDesk” was listed as one of the 50 greatest Raspberry Pi projects in the official Raspberry Pi magazine!

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Design Challenge Winner

September 21, 2016

Won element14’s “Pi IoT Smarter Spaces” Design Challenge.


Linux User & Developer #168

August 23, 2016

Interview on the “Gesture based TV Remote Control” project for the “Linux User & Developer” magazine.

Maker Faire Paris 2016

April 30, 2016

My first time attending a Maker Faire as an exhibitor, rather than as a visitor. Even received a blue “Maker of Merit” ribbon, awesome experience!

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The MagPi #43

March 1, 2016

Interview on the PiDesk project for the official Raspberry Pi magazine.

Read Issue #43

Linux User & Developer #159

November 23, 2015

Interview on the PiDesk project for the “Linux User & Developer” magazine.

Design Challenge Winner

November 4, 2014

Won element14’s “Forget Me Not” Design Challenge


Design Challenge Winner

April 3, 2014

Won element14’s “Beaglebone Black Radio” Design Challenge


Design Challenge Winner

February 7, 2014

Won element14’s “Pi NoIR and Catch Santa” Challenge


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